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1995-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

Starting at $10,750.00

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Complete reman including components from trusted suppliers such as:


  • Mahle
  • SBI
  • Melling
  • Felpro
  • FoMoCo
  • UEM
  • Hastings

Due to product shortages, consumables may be substituted from other suppliers in the event of backorders of Mahle products.

Types of Engine Series

⚙️ 'Better than OEM (BTO)' Engine Series - PowerHouse Stock Series

⚙️ 'Power & Pull' Engine Series - PowerHouse Modified Stock/Tow Series

⚙️ 'Power & Performance' Engine Series - PowerHouse Custom Performance Series

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Better than OEM (BTO) 'Stock' Engine Series

⚙️ PowerHouse Machining Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

⚙️ Mahle Bearings / Gaskets / Pistons Throughout

⚙️ New Lifters

⚙️ New Valves & Springs

Power & Pull 'Modified Stock/Tow' Engine Series

⚙️ PowerHouse Machining Remanufactured Cylinder Heads

⚙️ Mahle Bearings / Gaskets / Pistons Throughout

⚙️ Ceramic Coated Piston Crowns

⚙️ Digitally Spin Balanced

⚙️ New Lifters

⚙️ New Valves

⚙️ Colt Cams Stage 2 Camshaft

⚙️ Street Balanced Rotating Assembly

⚙️ Heavy Duty Push Rods

⚙️ Heavy Duty Valve Springs

⚙️ Head Studs

Power & Performance 'Custom Performance' Engine Series

Please inquire for "Power & Performance" series

Estimate Total Price

Estimate Total Price

Refundable Crate Deposit: +$500.00

Refundable Core Deposit: +$3000.00

*Cleaning fees will be deducted from the core deposit if the crate is dirty with spilled oil/coolant*


*Estimate Total Price is not final and may be subject to change*

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Features of this build

Engine Assembly


Our process includes measuring and blueprinting all tolerances. The intent is to correct all of the small and large discrepancies within the entire scope of the engine assembly.


Built to last

When you build great engines, you can back them with great warranty. Click below to view our warranty for both commercial and non-commercial builds.

Built with the best components

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Our Story

PowerHouse Machining was founded with the vision of creating a one-stop-shop for all of your light duty engine needs. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading engine quality, dedication to customer service, and sincere passion for our trade.