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2008-2013 Dodge Cummins 6.7L BTO

Regular price $10,499.00 CAD
Regular price Sale price $10,499.00 CAD

2014+ GM L83 5.3L BTO

Regular price $8,999.99 CAD
Regular price Sale price $8,999.99 CAD

2009+ Dodge Hemi 5.7L MDS Equipped

Regular price $7,999.00 CAD
Regular price Sale price $7,999.00 CAD


Engine Series

Whatever your engine needs may be, we have a build that can deliver! All of our engines start out with upgraded repairs to common failure points and problem areas. We then take it a step further with our builds for both towing and performance applications. Pick from one of our Engine Series below to learn more about the build and find the right one for your vehicle!

Built with the best components

Untitled_design_-_2023-09-18T153302.722 - PowerHouse Machining
Untitled_design_-_2023-08-14T091435.065 - PowerHouse Machining
Untitled_design_-_2023-08-14T091514.570 - PowerHouse Machining
colt - PowerHouse Machining
Untitled_design_-_2023-09-18T153028.527 - PowerHouse Machining
Untitled_design_-_2023-08-14T091343.743 - PowerHouse Machining
Untitled_design_-_2023-08-14T091558.933 - PowerHouse Machining
dualoy_pistons - PowerHouse Machining
Untitled-1_cc3b34a6-4046-47f8-b988-425eb47f0623 - PowerHouse Machining
Untitled_design_-_2023-09-18T132306.862 - PowerHouse Machining
Untitled_design_-_2023-09-18T132757.076 - PowerHouse Machining


Cylinder Heads

Our Cylinder Heads are torn down, thoroughly cleaned and inspected; including pressure testing and crack checking. Then they are fully machined, and rebuilt using high-quality components.

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