If you spend any time at truck shows, the track, or talking diesel with your buddies, the topic of horsepower will surely come up sooner or later. Anyone can claim their truck makes a thousand horsepower, but the only real way to verify gains and to declare a winner of bragging rights among friends is to measure the output on PML’s chassis dyno.

If it’s time to build your monster and crush the competition at our next Dyno event, or you just have a big load to haul, PML has the recipes to pump up the power of your truck. You’ll find everything you need - experience, engineering, and rock solid parts to take your truck to the checkered flag.

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Custom calibration of your vehicles stock PCM (Powertrain Control Module) can help achieve better fuel economy and more smiles per gallon. Unleash the power locked deep within. Emissions on tuning can help with increased mileage, more linear power range, and less regeneration cycles. Tow with confidence knowing PML has provided you with the best knowledge, support, and the right tuning package for your application.


⚙️ FORD - 1996 THROUGH 2021

⚙️ GM - 1996 THROUGH 2021

⚙️ RAM - 1998 THROUGH 2021