SoCal Alternate Firing Order | Drag Racing | Sled Pulling #9200AF | GM Duramax

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SoCal Alternate Firing Order | Drag Racing | Sled Pulling #9200AF | GM Duramax

  • Extend the life of your crankshaft by changing the firing order of your engine.


  • The OEM firing order ends with cylinder 3 and begins with cylinders 1 and 2. The result is a 3-1-2 hit to the crankshaft. Duramax cranks have a tendency to break right behind the first rod throw at the intersection of the second main journal, right where the 3-1-2 hit would stress the crankshaft the most. Coincidence? We think not.


  • After carefully researching the different firing orders available to a V-8 engine, SoCal Diesel was the first to implement this "Alternative Firing Order" camshaft for the Duramax engine. In moving cylinders 3, 1 and 2 away from each other, we have significantly extended the abuse the crankshaft can withstand.


  • Swapping a few pins in the wiring harness will insure the ECM sends the injector signal to the correct cylinder. Wiring diagrams and instructions are included with every purchase.


  • Requires .075 piston valve pockets.


  • Works well from 2500-5200 rpm.


  • Requires a high stall converter.


  • Valve Lash .012/.012


  • The camshaft is an integral part of your engines breathing characteristics.


  • The camshaft lobe profiles need to be carefully matched to the rest of the engine components in order to achieve maximum performance for any given application.


  • We have designed profiles to meet many different applications that include dedicated Drag Racing and Sled Pulling. 
    • Rotate the engine and adjust one cylinder at a time.
    • When the exhaust valves just begin to open, adjust the intake.
    • When the intake valves are just past maximum life, adjust the exhaust
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