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Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Extreme (P040416Z)

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Size: 16 Ounces
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Diesel Extreme is a fully formulated, concentrated cleaner that removes all internal diesel injector deposits (IDIDs) including waxy and polymeric deposits. In addition, Diesel Extreme contains a top tier level of cetane booster, lubricity additive, and fuel stabilizer to provide maximum performance while cleaning the fuel system.

  • Restores Throttle Response
  • Eliminates Black Smoke & Improves Cold Starting
  • Cleans Injector Tips
  • Exceeds Top Tier Detergency Requirements
  • Boosts Cetane Up To 7 PTS
  • Reduces Need For DPF Regeneration Cycles Up To 50%
  • Cleans Cylinders, Fuel Lines, Tank & Disperses Moisture
  • Increases Mileage & Diesel Fuel Lubricity



  • Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is a premium 6-in-1 diesel additive, containing the most concentrated detergent formula on the market. Diesel Extreme fuel additive is formulated to resolve issues related to Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel and greatly improve your truck’s performance and fuel economy.
  • Engineered with specific detergents, Diesel Extreme will safely remove and prevent Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs), External Diesel Injector Deposits (EDID’s) and other forms of varnish and deposits that cause scaring and wear, which leads to premature failure of fuel system components, including fuel pumps and injectors. Diesel Extreme fuel additive also includes a powerful cetane improver, improving your diesel fuel’s cetane rating by seven points, to improve combustibility, horsepower and fuel economy. By improving combustibility, this diesel fuel treatment reduces the number of diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration cycles that are needed. Diesel Extreme also contains a lubricity enhancer to further reduce wear, a water dispersant, rust and corrosion inhibitors and a fuel stabilizer.
  • Diesel Extreme fuel additive will improve your diesel’s fuel economy, increase horsepower, clean injectors, improves cold starts, eliminate excessive black smoke and improve reliability. This diesel cleaner additive is recommended for use in all diesel engines.
  • This diesel fuel cleaner product is safe for all emissions equipment

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