FASS | XL Extreme Water Separator | XWS-3002XL

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FASS | XL Extreme Water Separator | XWS-3002XL

  • The new XWS-3002XL MUST be used in conjunction with the PF-3001XL, the new filters cannot be used in combination with the FF-3003/FF-3010 or FS-1001/FS-1020.

  • When replacing the discontinued filters with the new XWS-3002XL and PF-3001XL, the XWS-3002XL will now be placed on the pressure side of the pump and the PF-3001XL will be placed on the suction side. PLEASE SEE THE LOCATION DIAGRAM ON THE NEW FILTERS FOR PROPER FILTER PLACEMENT!

    • Rated at 2-micron absolute
    • The filter element traps over 99% of the water, which eliminates the need for a water separator drain!
    • Extends service intervals
    • Up to a 30,000 Mile Life Expectancy.
    • Fass Fuel Systems
    • If you have any question please Contact Us at +1(780-757-0221).