2008 - 2010 | KC Stage 2 Turbo | Ford Powerstroke 6.4L

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2008 - 2010 | KC Stage 2 Turbo | Ford Powerstroke 6.4L

This is the biggest and baddest drop in Low Pressure 6.4 turbo on the market.  We spent years testing, modifying and trying all the different options currently out there and then we blew them out of the water.  This is the ONLY turbo on the market with a 4" larger inlet with ported anti-surge cover, larger 360 thrust bearing, and larger s400 turbine wheel.  This allows for more power, quicker spool, and less EBP than anything else on the market.  Our drop in low pressure turbo all by itself has outperformed every other 59/75 set we have tested.

**Pictures shown is the polished version, which is an additional charge***

  • Recommended Injectors: 30% to 100% with twin pumps
  • Stock injectors: GRAPH 1
    2200us - 667hp 1327tq BLUE LINES
    2400us - 708hp 1426tq GREEN LINES
  • 30% nozzles: GRAPH 2

    2150us - 850hp 1694tq

  • 100% nozzles: GRAPH 3

    1300us: 742hp 1411tq  BLUE LINES
    1800us: 857hp 1675tq RED LINES
    2200us: 946hp 1787tq GREEN LINES

  • 75mm Billet Compressor wheel
  • 80mm s400 turbine wheel
  • Larger 4" inlet
  • Ported anti-surge compressor cover
  • Larger upgraded 360 thrust bearing on the market
  • Drop in turbo (no modification except air filter
  • REQUIRES 4" inlet air filter
  • DOES NOT REQUIRE upgrades to the high pressure turbo
  • 2008 - 2010 | 6.4L Ford Powerstroke
  • If you have any question please Contact Us at +1(780-757-0221).